Cyclosporine in Resistant Systemic Arthritis - A Cheaper Alternative to Biologics.

Research paper by Priyankar P Pal, Prabhas Prasun PP Giri, Rajiv R Sinha

Indexed on: 13 Jun '19Published on: 03 Apr '19Published in: The Indian Journal of Pediatrics


To assess the efficacy of cyclosporine (CsA) in patients of oral steroid unresponsive or steroid dependent systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis (sJIA); to evaluate the optimum dosage and blood level of CsA to achieve and maintain remission and to observe for side-effects on prolonged usage. This prospective observational study was conducted on children with steroid dependent /refractory sJIA admitted at the Institute of Child Health, Kolkata from July 2009 through November 2014. A total of 82 sJIA was diagnosed; 15 were steroid dependent /refractory and were included as candidates for cyclosporine therapy. CsA was used in 15 patients; 13 showed a favourable response with significant steroid sparing effect and minimal toxicity. CsA was found to be effective in almost 75% of frequently relapsing steroid dependent sJIA to achieve and maintain remission. The average cost of therapy for a 20 kg patient on CsA was found to be 10,000 INR (132 EURO)/ patient over a 6 mo period; which would amount to 100,000 INR (1318 EURO)/patient with Tocilizumab for the same duration.