Culture conditions induce the appearance of immortalized C3H mouse cell lines

Research paper by Laura Curatolo, Eugenio Erba, Luciano Morasca

Indexed on: 01 Aug '84Published on: 01 Aug '84Published in: In vitro


Mouse fibroblasts were cultured by three different procedures: (a) changing the 0.2 ml/cm2 of growth medium every 2nd d and seeding 1×105 cells/cm2 after confluency; (b) changing the 0.4 ml/cm2 of growth medium only at subculture performed at confluency by a 1∶2 split and keeping the bottles incubated on a rocking platform; (c) the same as Method b but keeping the bottles stationary throughout culture. By Method a no lines were immortalized over 36 experiments whereas Method b gave 1/4 immortalized lines and Method c gave 10∶12 immortalized lines. Cells always went into crisis at the 9th to 11th doubling. Immortalized lines had a tetraploid DNA content.