Crystallography of directionally solidified magnesium alloy AZ91

Research paper by Ketil Pettersen, Nils Ryum

Indexed on: 01 May '89Published on: 01 May '89Published in: Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A


The crystallographic direction of growth in directionally solidified magnesium alloy AZ91 has been studied by TEM and EBSP techniques in SEM. The main direction of growth is found to be\(\left\langle {11\bar 20} \right\rangle \). The dendrites have sixfold symmetry around the main direction, with secondary arms lying along the traces of the (0001),\(\left( {1\bar 101} \right)\), and\(\left( {\bar 1101} \right)\)-planes, respectively. The secondary arms lying in the basal plane are crystallographically of the same type as the main direction:\(\left\langle {\bar 12\bar 10} \right\rangle \) and\(\left\langle {2\bar 1\bar 10} \right\rangle \).