Crystal structure and Hirshfeld surface analysis of N -[(2-hy-droxy-naphthalen-1-yl)(3-methyl-phen-yl)meth-yl]acetamide.

Research paper by Khawla K Boudebbous, Wissem W Zemamouche, Abdelmadjid A Debache, Noudjoud N Hamdouni, Ali A Boudjada

Indexed on: 14 Jul '18Published on: 14 Jul '18Published in: Acta crystallographica. Section E, Crystallographic communications


The title compound, CHNO, is of inter-est as a precursor to biologically active substituted quinolines and related compounds. This compound crystallizes with two independent mol-ecules ( and ) in the asymmetric unit. The dihedral angles between mean planes of the methyl-phenyl ring and the naphthalene ring system are 78.32 (6) and 84.70 (6)° in mol-ecules and , respectively. In the crystal, the anti-ferroelectric packing of mol-ecules and is of an type along the -axis direction. The crystal structure features N-H⋯O, O-H⋯O and weak C-H⋯O hydrogen bonds, which link the mol-ecules into infinite chains propagating along the -axis direction.