Crystal and molecular structures of new enantiopure quinuclidines.

Research paper by Iwona I Kania, Katarzyna K Stadnicka, Barbara J BJ Oleksyn

Indexed on: 11 Feb '04Published on: 11 Feb '04Published in: Chirality


X-ray crystal structure analysis was performed on single crystals of two diastereomeric enantiopure quinuclidines, (3R,8R)-3-vinyl-8-hydroxymethyl-quinuclidine (quincoridine, QCD) and (3R,8S)-3-vinyl-8-hydroxymethyl-quinuclidine (quincorine, QCI) as their salts with tartaric and p-toluenesulphonate anions, respectively. The molecules of these quinuclidine derivatives are considered here as fragments of the Cinchona alkaloids, quinidine and quinine. A comparison of the conformational features of QCD, QCI, and Cinchona alkaloids in the crystalline state shows that the molecular geometry of the title compounds is similar to that of threo-alkaloids (e.g., R,R isomer of epicinchonine) rather than to quinidine and quinine. The packing of the molecules in both structures is dominated by intermolecular hydrogen bonds.