Crystal and molecular structure of cyano(ethylenediamine) [Ethylenediamine-N,N′-Diacetato(1-)]Cobalt(III) Trichloromercurate(II) [Co(HEdda)En(CN)]HgCl3

Research paper by I. F. Burshtein, A. L. Poznyak

Indexed on: 01 May '99Published on: 01 May '99Published in: Journal of Structural Chemistry


An X-ray diffraction analysis of [Co(HEdda)En(CN)]HgCl3 crystals (a = 6.664(4), b = 16.613(13), c = 16.684(7) å, space group P212121, Z = 4) showed that the crystals contain distorted tetrahedra HgCl4 linked by one of their vertices into infinite chains [HgCl3]nn-. In isolated complex cations, three donor atoms of the HO2CCH2NHCH2CH2NHCH2CO2- (HEdda) ion occupy a face of the coordination octahedron around the cobalt atom; the opposite face is occupied by the cyanide ion and the nitrogen atoms of the ethylenediamine (En) molecule; the latter are in trans positions relative to the terminal donor atoms of the HEdda ligand.