Crystal and molecular structure of bis(N,N-di-n-butyldithiocarbamato)gold(III) dibromoargentate(I)

Research paper by J. A. Cras, J. H. Noordik, P. T. Beurskens, A. M. Verhoeven

Indexed on: 01 Jan '71Published on: 01 Jan '71Published in: Journal of chemical crystallography


The crystal and molecular structure of bis(N,N-di-n-butyldithiocarbamato)gold(III)dibromoargentate(I), Au(S2CN(C4H9)2)2AgBr2, has been determined by three-dimensional X-ray methods. The compound crystallizes in the monoclinic space groupC2/c with unit cell dimensions:a= 17·39(1)b = 18·65(1);c = 9·199(6) Å; β = 93·9(1)°;Z=4. Intensities were collected on an automatic diffractometer. The structural parameters were refined by least-squares methods to a conventionalR factor of 0·048 for 854 non-zero observed reflexions. The structure consists of Au(S2CN(C4H9)2)2+ and AgBr2− ions. The gold is in planar coordination with four sulphur atoms, the two crystallographically non-equivalent Au-S bond lengths being 2·357(8) and 2·324(8) Å. The silver is linearly coordinated, the Ag-Br bond lengths being 2·450(5) Å. The ionic packing in the structure differs from that in the analogous Au(S2CN(C4H9)2)2AuBr2 complex.