Cross-effects and the classification of Taylor towers

Research paper by Gregory Arone, Michael Ching

Indexed on: 04 Apr '14Published on: 04 Apr '14Published in: Mathematics - Algebraic Topology


Let F be a homotopy functor with values in the category of spectra. We show that partially stabilized cross-effects of F have an action of a certain operad. For functors from based spaces to spectra, it is the Koszul dual of the little discs operad. For functors from spectra to spectra it is a desuspension of the commutative operad. It follows that the Goodwillie derivatives of F are a right module over a certain `pro-operad'. For functors from spaces to spectra, the pro-operad is a resolution of the topological Lie operad. For functors from spectra to spectra, it is a resolution of the trivial operad. We show that the Taylor tower of the functor F can be reconstructed from this structure on the derivatives.