Crohn's Disease Accompanied with Small Intestinal Extramedullary Plasmacytoma.

Research paper by Yoshinori Y Hanawa, Masaaki M Higashiyama, Kazuki K Horiuchi, Kana K Ayaki, Suguru S Ito, Akinori A Mizoguchi, Shin S Nishii, Akinori A Wada, Kenichi K Inaba, Nao N Sugihara, Hirotaka H Furuhashi, Takeshi T Takajo, Kazuhiko K Shirakabe, Chikako C Watanabe, Kengo K Tomita, et al.

Indexed on: 28 May '19Published on: 29 Mar '19Published in: Internal medicine (Tokyo, Japan)


We herein present the case of an immunocompetent 63-year-old man who had previously undergone resection of Crohn's disease (CD)-related small intestinal obstruction more than 30 years ago. He had not been receiving any medication for many years, but had recently started to suffer from ileus. A stenosed site of ileo-cecal anastomosis was identified and therefore was surgically resected, which was diagnosed as CD with small intestinal extramedullary plasmacytoma (EMP). The subsequent progression of CD was successfully controlled by anti-TNFα agents without any recurrence of EMP for over 3 years, implying the clinical benefit and safety of the biological therapy. This was the first known case of a patient who received anti-TNFα agents after a resection of small intestinal EMP accompanied with CD.

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