Critical and Non-Critical Einstein-Weyl Supergravity

Research paper by H. Lu, C. N. Pope, E. Sezgin, L. Wulff

Indexed on: 13 Jul '11Published on: 13 Jul '11Published in: High Energy Physics - Theory


We construct N=1 supersymmetrisations of some recently-proposed theories of critical gravity, conformal gravity, and extensions of critical gravity in four dimensions. The total action consists of the sum of three separately off-shell supersymmetric actions containing Einstein gravity, a cosmological term and the square of the Weyl tensor. For generic choices of the coefficients for these terms, the excitations of the resulting theory around an AdS_4 background describe massive spin-2 and massless spin-2 modes coming from the metric; massive spin-1 modes coming from a vector field in the theory; and massless and massive spin-3/2 modes (with two unequal masses) coming from the gravitino. These assemble into a massless and a massive N=1 spin-2 multiplet. In critical supergravity, the coefficients are tuned so that the spin-2 mode in the massive multiplet becomes massless. In the supersymmetrised extensions of critical gravity, the coefficients are chosen so that the massive modes lie in a "window" of lowest energies E_0 such that these ghostlike fields can be truncated by imposing appropriate boundary conditions at infinity, thus leaving just positive-norm massless supergravity modes.