Creation of skyrmion through resonance excitation

Research paper by Zhi-xiong Li, Yi-fu Chen, Zhen-wei Zhou, Yao-zhuang Nie, Qing-lin Xia, Dao-wei Wang, Guang-hua Guo

Indexed on: 19 Mar '17Published on: 11 Mar '17Published in: Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials


Controllable creation of magnetic skyrmions in nanostructures is a prerequisite for the application of skyrmions in spintronics. Here, we propose a new method for the creation of skyrmions. We show by using micromagnetic simulations that the skyrmions can be nucleated by resonantly exciting one of the skyrmion intrinsic oscillation modes. We first studied the dynamics of skyrmion in a ferromagnetic nanodisk with perpendicular anisotropy. One breathing mode and two non-degenerate gyrotropic modes are identified. Then we applied a circular-polarized microwave field to excite the uniformly magnetized nanodisk. When the frequency of the driving field is equal to the eigenfrequency of the skyrmion gyrotropic mode, stable skyrmions can be created from the initial uniform state. The number of skyrmions can be effectively controlled by appropriately choosing the duration of the driving field or tuning the field amplitude.

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