Covering groupoids of categorical groups

Research paper by Osman Mucuk, Tunçar Şahan

Indexed on: 26 Jan '16Published on: 26 Jan '16Published in: Mathematics - Category Theory


If $X$ is a topological group, then its fundamental groupoid $\pi_1X$ is a group-groupoid which is a group object in the category of groupoids. Further if $X$ is a path connected topological group which has a simply connected cover, then the category of covering spaces of $X$ and the category of covering groupoids of $\pi_1X$ are equivalent. In this paper we prove that if $(X,x_0)$ is an $H$-group, then the fundamental groupoid $\pi_1X$ is a categorical group. This enable us to prove that the category of the covering spaces of an $H$-group $(X,x_0)$ is equivalent to the category of covering groupoid of the categorical group $\pi_1X$.