Covariant holographic entanglement negativity for disjoint intervals in \(AdS_3/CFT_2\)

Research paper by Vinay Malvimat, Sayid Mondal, Boudhayan Paul, Gautam Sengupta

Indexed on: 26 Feb '20Published on: 17 Jun '19Published in: The European Physical Journal C


We advance a construction for the covariant holographic entanglement negativity for time dependent mixed states of disjoint intervals in \((1+1)\) dimensional conformal field theories (\(CFT_{1+1}\)) dual to bulk non static \(AdS_3\) geometries. Application of our proposal to such mixed states in a \(CFT_{1+1}\) dual to bulk non extremal and extremal rotating BTZ black holes exactly reproduces the replica technique results in the large central charge limit. We also investigate the time dependent holographic entanglement negativity for such mixed states in a \(CFT_{1+1}\) dual to a bulk Vaidya-\(AdS_3\) geometry in the context of their thermalization involving bulk black hole formation.