Correlation Functions in Spin Chains and Information Theory

Research paper by B. -Q. Jin, V. E. Korepin

Indexed on: 12 Apr '04Published on: 12 Apr '04Published in: Quantum Physics


Antiferromagnetic spin chains play an important role in condensed matter physics and statistical mechanics. Recently XXX spin chain was discussed in relation to the information theory. We consider here localizable entanglement, introduced recently by F.Verstraete, M.Popp and J.I.Cirac. That is how much entanglement can be localized on two spins on average by performing local measurements on the other individual spins in a system of many interacting spins. We consider the ground state in antiferromagnetic spin chains and study localizable entanglement between two spins as a function of the distance. We start with isotropic spin chain. Then we study effect of anisotropy and magnetic field. We conclude that anisotropy increases localizable entanglement. We found an explicit dependence of critical exponents in XXZ spin chain on magnetic field. We discovered that the cases of high symmetry corresponds to high sensitivity of magnetic field. We also calculated the concurrence before the measurement to illustrate that the measurment raises the concurrence.