Correlated photon-pair emission from a cw-pumped Fabry-Perot microcavity

Research paper by Thorsten F. Langerfeld, Hendrik M. Meyer, Michael Köhl

Indexed on: 13 Nov '17Published on: 13 Nov '17Published in: arXiv - Physics - Optics


We study a dispersion-compensated high-finesse optical Fabry-Perot microcavity under high-intensity cw pumping. The Kerr non-linearity in the optical coatings causes a spontaneous four-wave mixing process, which leads to the emission of time-correlated photon pairs. The photon frequencies are shifted by $\pm 1$ free spectral range relative to the pump frequency. This setup allows for constructing a photon-pair source with precisely adjustable frequency difference between the emitted photons, which may have applications in quantum communication.