Copper(I)-Catalyzed Cyanoperfluoroalkylation of Alkynes.

Research paper by Muhammad M Israr, Haigen H Xiong, Yajun Y Li, Hongli H Bao

Indexed on: 24 Aug '19Published on: 23 Aug '19Published in: Organic Letters


A highly chemoselective and regioselective copper-catalyzed radical cyanoperfluoroalkylation of alkynes is described. This three-component reaction directly uses commercially available alkynes, perfluoroalkyl iodides, and trimethylsilyl cyanide as the reaction partners and delivers a variety of perfluoroalkylated cyanoalkenes in good yields. Broad substrate scope and good functional group tolerance are observed. The perfluoroalkylated cyanoalkenes that are produced can be readily transformed into useful fluoroalkylated derivatives.