Copper(II)-mediated dehydrogenative cross-coupling of heteroarenes.

Research paper by Zhifeng Z Mao, Zhe Z Wang, Zhaoqing Z Xu, Fei F Huang, Zhengkun Z Yu, Rui R Wang

Indexed on: 17 Jul '12Published on: 17 Jul '12Published in: Organic Letters


Cu(OAc)(2)-mediated dehydrogenative cross-coupling between two heteroarenes has been realized in the absence of any other additive. A mechanism involving a formal Cu(II) to Cu(0) route by convergent disproportionation of the copper mediator is proposed and has been evidenced by copper mirror formation during the reaction. This synthetic protocol provides a concise and "green" access to unsymmetrical biheteroarenes bearing structural motifs of substantial utility in organic synthesis.