Copper-Catalyzed Perfluoroalkylation of Alkynyl Bromides and Terminal Alkynes.

Research paper by Shilu S Fan, Chenggong C Zheng, Kaiting K Zheng, Junlan J Li, Yaomei Y Liu, Fangpei F Yan, Hua H Xiao, Yi-Si YS Feng, Yuan-Yuan YY Zhu

Indexed on: 02 Apr '21Published on: 02 Apr '21Published in: Organic Letters


A copper-catalyzed one-pot perfluoroalkylation of alkynyl bromides and terminal alkynes has been disclosed, and the corresponding perfluoroalkylated alkynes could be attained in good to excellent yields. The new straightforward transformation shows high efficiency (0.01-0.5 mol % catalyst loading), broad substrate scope, and remarkable functional group tolerance and provides a facile approach for useful application in life and material sciences.