Conversion of natural gas into liquid products on bimetallic zeolite catalysts

Research paper by L. N. Vosmerikova, A. V. Vosmerikov, G. V. Echevsky

Indexed on: 10 Oct '08Published on: 10 Oct '08Published in: Theoretical Foundations of Chemical Engineering


We studied the joint promotion effect of molybdenum with zinc and gallium on the catalytic properties of the zeolite ZSM-5 in the process of conversion of natural gas into liquid hydrocarbons. It was shown that the addition of zinc and gallium cations to the Mo-containing zeolite enhances catalytic activity and selectivity in the formation of aromatic hydrocarbons from the components of natural gas. It was established that the maximal amount of aromatic compounds is formed in the presence of zeolite catalysts containing simultaneously 4.0% Mo and 0.5% Zn or 4.0% Mo and 1.0% Ga.