Convective flow of sisko fluid over a bidirectional stretching sheet

Research paper by Asif Munir, Azeem Shahzad, Masood Khan

Indexed on: 30 May '14Published on: 30 May '14Published in: Physics - Fluid Dynamics


The present investigation discusses the flow and heat transfer characteristics of a steady three dimensional Sisko fluid. The flow is induced due to bidirectional stretching sheet. The influence of power-law index and stretching ratio on flow and heat transfer is studied thoroughly. Governing partial differential equations are reduced to coupled ordinary differential equations by suitable similarity variable. The resulting equations are then solved numerically by shooting method using adaptive Runge Kutta algorithm in combination with Broyden's method in the domain . The numerical results for the velocity and temperature fields are graphically presented and effects of the relevant parameters are discussed in detail. Moreover, the skin-friction coefficient and local Nusselt number for different values of the power-law index and stretching ratio are presented through tabulated data. The numerical results are verified with the results obtained by HAM. Additionally, the results are also validated with previously published pertinent literature as a special case of the problem.