Contractile and extensible molecular figures-of-eight.

Imported: 06 May '16 | Published: 04 Sep '15

Frédéric F Niess, Vincent V Duplan, Christian S CS Diercks, Jean-Pierre JP Sauvage

Chemistry - A European Journal

Abstract: Two large rings, 66- (m-66) and 78-membered (m-78) rings, each one incorporating two pairs of transition-metal-complexing units, have been prepared. The coordinating fragments are alternating bi- and tridentate chelating groups, namely, 2,9-diphenyl-1,10-phenanthroline (dpp) and 2,2',2',6''-terpyridine (terpy) respectively. Both macrocycles form molecular figures-of-eight in the presence of Fe(II) , affording a classical bis-terpy complex as the central core. The larger m-78 ring can accommodate a four-coordinate Cu(I) center with the formation of a {Cu(dpp)2 }(+) central complex and a highly twisted figure-of-eight backbone, whereas m-66 is too small to coordinate Cu(I) . Macrocycle m-78 thus affords stable complexes with both Fe(II) and Cu(I) ; the ligand around... Read More

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