Construction of proxy blind signature scheme based on multi-linear transform

Research paper by Zemao Zhao, Fengyu Liu

Indexed on: 01 Nov '04Published on: 01 Nov '04Published in: Journal of Electronics (China)


A general method of constructing proxy blind signature is proposed based on multi-linear transform. Based on this method, the four proxy blind signature schemes are correspondently generated with four different signature equations, and each of them has four forms of variations of signs. Hence there are sixteen signatures in all, and all of them are proxy strongly-blind signature schemes. Furthermore, the two degenerated situations of multi-linear transform are discussed. Their corresponding proxy blind signature schemes are shown, too. But some schemes come from one of these degenerate situations are proxy weakly-blind signature scheme. The security for proposed scheme is analyzed in details. The results indicate that these signature schemes have many good properties such as unforgeability, distinguish-ability of proxy signature, non-repudiation and extensive value of application etc.