Construction and quantitative evaluation of a dual specific promoter system for monitoring the expression status of Stra8 and c-kit genes.

Research paper by Mahtab M Dastpak, Maryam M MM Matin, Moein M Farshchian, Yvan Y Arsenijevic, Madjid M Momeni-Moghaddam, Sajjad S Sisakhtnezhad, Sohrab S Boozarpour, Hamid Reza HR Bidkhori, Mahdi M Mirahmadi, Ahmad Reza AR Bahrami

Indexed on: 28 Sep '14Published on: 28 Sep '14Published in: Molecular Biotechnology


Applications of genetic constructs with multiple promoters, which are fused with reporter genes and simultaneous monitoring of various events in cells, have gained special attention in recent years. Lentiviral vectors, with their distinctive characteristics, have been considered to monitor the developmental changes of cells in vitro. In this study, we constructed a novel lentiviral vector (FUM-M), containing two germ cell-specific promoters (Stra8 and c-kit), fused with ZsGreen and DsRed2 reporter genes, and evaluated its efficiency in different cells following treatments with retinoic acid and DMSO. Several cell lines (P19, GC-1 spg and HEK293T) were transduced with this vector, and functional capabilities of the promoters were verified by flow cytometry and quantitative RT-PCR. Our results indicate that FUM-M shows dynamic behavior in the presence and absence of extrinsic factors. A correlation was also observed between the function of promoters, present in the lentiviral construct and the endogenous level of the Stra8 and c-kit mRNAs in the cells. In conclusion, we recommend this strategy, which needs further optimization of the constructs, as a beneficial and practical way to screen chemical inducers involved in cellular differentiation toward germ-like cells.