Constructing Space-Time Trellis Codes Using Orthogonal Designs

Research paper by Girish Ganesan, Petre Stoica

Indexed on: 01 Jan '04Published on: 01 Jan '04Published in: Wireless Personal Communications


In this paper we consider the design of space-time trellis codes usingorthogonal designs. We derive a condition on the codewords to obtainthe maximum received signal energy and show that the codes based onorthogonal designs satisfy this condition.We consider in detail the design of a trellis code for two transmitantennas. The new code we develophas a higher diversity in fast fading and a higher coding gain in quasi-static fading when compared to otherexisting space-time codes. We also consider a turbo implementation ofthe new trellis code which results in very high diversity gains infast fading channels.