Constraining the Kehagias-Sfetsos solution in the Horava-Lifshitz gravity with extrasolar planets

Research paper by Lorenzo Iorio, Matteo Luca Ruggiero

Indexed on: 04 Oct '10Published on: 04 Oct '10Published in: General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology


We consider a spherically symmetric and asymptotically flat vacuum solution of the Horava-Lifshitz (HL) gravity that is the analog of the general relativistic Schwarzschild black hole. In the weak-field and slow-motion approximation, we work out the correction to the third Kepler law of a test particle induced by such a solution and compare it to the phenomenologically determined orbital period of the transiting extrasolar planet HD209458b Osiris to preliminarily obtain an order-of-magnitude lower bound on the KS dimensionless parameter \omega_0 >= 1.4\times 10^-18. As suggestions for further analyses, the entire data set of HD209458b should be re-processed by explicitly modeling KS gravity as well, and one or more dedicated solve-for parameter(s) should be estimated.