Constraining the EOS of neutron-rich nuclear matter and properties of neutron stars with heavy-ion reactions

Research paper by Bao-An Li, Lie-Wen Chen, Che Ming Ko, Plamen G. Krastev, De-Hua Wen, Aaron Worley, Zhigang Xiao, Jun Xu, Gao-Chan Yong, Ming Zhang

Indexed on: 18 Feb '09Published on: 18 Feb '09Published in: Nuclear Theory


Heavy-ion reactions especially those induced by radioactive beams provide useful information about the density dependence of the nuclear symmetry energy, thus the Equation of State of neutron-rich nuclear matter, relevant for many astrophysical studies. The latest developments in constraining the symmetry energy at both sub- and supra-saturation densities from analyses of the isopsin diffusion and the $\pi^-/\pi^+$ ratio in heavy-ion collisions using the IBUU04 transport model are discussed. Astrophysical ramifications of the partially constrained symmetry energy on properties of neutron star crusts, gravitational waves emitted by deformed pulsars and the w-mode oscillations of neutron stars are presented briefly.