Conformation of molecules and electron-donor properties of certain representatives of tetrakis(alkylthio)- and tetrakis-(alkylsulfonyl)ethylenes

Research paper by E. S. Isaeva, N. E. Dontsova, N. P. Petukhova, E. N. Prilezhaeva, E. N. Gur'yanova

Indexed on: 01 Jul '89Published on: 01 Jul '89Published in: Russian Chemical Bulletin


The relatively small values of the dipole moments of tetrakis(alkylthio)- and also of tetrakis(alkylsulfonyl)ethylenes indicate a certain structural symmetry of the molecules, and are possibly due to divergence of the SR groups from the plane of the central fragment.In the reaction with group III metal halides, tetrakis(alkylthio)ethylenes display properties of polyfunctional electron-donors giving complexes with a 1∶1, 1∶2 composition and others with a more complex stoichiometry. Heats of formation and dipole moments of these complexes have been determined.