Conformation of a terminally protected βγ hybrid dipeptide Boc-Ant-Gpn-OMe stabilized by C6/C7 hydrogen bonds.

Research paper by Naiem Ahmad NA Wani, Vivek Kumar VK Gupta, Rajni R Kant, Subrayashastry S Aravinda, Rajkishor R Rai

Indexed on: 09 Jan '14Published on: 09 Jan '14Published in: Acta Crystallographica Section C


The hybrid βγ dipeptide, methyl 2-[1-({2-[(tert-butoxycarbonyl)amino]benzamido}methyl)cyclohexyl]acetate (Boc-Ant-Gpn-OMe), C22H32N2O5, adopts a folded conformation stabilized by intramolecular six- (C6) and seven-membered (C7) hydrogen-bonded rings, together with weak C-H...O and C-H...π interactions, resulting in a ribbon-like structure.