Confirmation of quinolone-induced formation of gyrase-DNA conjugates using AFM.

Research paper by Hao H Zhang, Juanjuan J Guo, Dawei D Li, Magdeline Tao Tao MT Ng, Jasmine Yiqin JY Lee, Bei B Lv, Chee Wee CW Ng, Selvi S Lee, Fangwei F Shao, Tianhu T Li

Indexed on: 10 Jul '13Published on: 10 Jul '13Published in: Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters


It was demonstrated in our studies that norfloxacin, a representative member of quinolone antibiotics, can indeed stabilize the gyrase-DNA complex formed during enzymatic cycle. In addition, the formation of the drug-induced complex has been firstly visualized through our atomic force microscopic examination.