Configuration interaction calculations of the controlled phase gate in double quantum dot qubits

Research paper by Erik Nielsen, Richard P. Muller, Malcolm S. Carroll

Indexed on: 07 Jun '11Published on: 07 Jun '11Published in: Physics - Mesoscopic Systems and Quantum Hall Effect


We consider qubit coupling resulting from the capacitive coupling between two double quantum dot (DQD) single-triplet qubits. Calculations of the coupling when the two DQDs are detuned symmetrically or asymmetrically are performed using a full configuration interaction (CI). The full CI reveals behavior that is not observed by more commonly used approximations such as Heitler London or Hund Mulliken, particularly related to the operation of both DQDs in the (0,2) charge sector. We find that there are multiple points in detuning-space where a two-qubit entangling gate can be realized, and that trade-offs between coupling magnitude and sensitivity to fluctuations in detuning make a case for operating the gate in the (0,2) regime not commonly considered.