Conditional control of donor nuclear spins in silicon using stark shifts.

Research paper by Gary G Wolfowicz, Matias M Urdampilleta, Mike L W ML Thewalt, Helge H Riemann, Nikolai V NV Abrosimov, Peter P Becker, Hans-Joachim HJ Pohl, John J L JJ Morton

Indexed on: 07 Nov '14Published on: 07 Nov '14Published in: Physical review letters


Electric fields can be used to tune donor spins in silicon using the Stark shift, whereby the donor electron wave function is displaced by an electric field, modifying the hyperfine coupling between the electron spin and the donor nuclear spin. We present a technique based on dynamic decoupling of the electron spin to accurately determine the Stark shift, and illustrate this using antimony donors in isotopically purified silicon-28. We then demonstrate two different methods to use a dc electric field combined with an applied resonant radio-frequency (rf) field to conditionally control donor nuclear spins. The first method combines an electric-field induced conditional phase gate with standard rf pulses, and the second one simply detunes the spins off resonance. Finally, we consider different strategies to reduce the effect of electric field inhomogeneities and obtain above 90% process fidelities.