Concordance in Reported Love, Trust, and Relationship Quality among Same-Sex Male Relationships.

Research paper by Anna A Bratcher, Erin E Kahle, Patrick P Sullivan, Marco A MA Hidalgo, Matthew J MJ Mimiaga, Rob R Garofalo, Dana D Pardee, Samuel S Hoehnle, Jennie J Thai, Ruth R Dana, Rob R Stephenson

Indexed on: 01 Oct '20Published on: 01 Jan '18Published in: Journal of Relationships Research


This paper examines concurrence of self-reported love, trust, and dyadic quality experiences between partners in 293 male couples. Significant yet poor concurrence was observed for all three self-reported relationship measures, but varied by relationship characteristics. Using an actor-partner interdependence model (APIM), actor and partner characteristics were shown to be associated with self-reported relationship concerns, such as satisfaction and intimate partner violence. This knowledge is important in the development and delivery of couples-based health interventions, such as couples HIV testing and counseling, for interventions that respect the unique relationship dynamics of each couple are needed to effectively address dyadic health.