Computer simulation machining a 3D free surface by using a 3-RPRU parallel machine tool

Research paper by Yi Lu, Jiayin Xu

Indexed on: 04 May '06Published on: 04 May '06Published in: The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology


A novel computer aided geometric approach is proposed to machine a 3D free surface by adopting a 3-RPRU parallel machine tool. Based on the geometry constraint and dimension-driving technique, a 3-RPRU parallel simulation mechanism is first created. Next, a 3D free surface and a guiding plane of tool path are constituted. Finally, the 3-RPRU parallel simulation mechanism, the 3D free surface, and the guiding plane of the tool path are combined together, and a novel 3-RPRU simulation parallel machine tool is created for machining a 3D free surface. In the light of two specified tool paths, the extension of the three driving rods and the position of the moving platform are solved and visualized dynamically. Based on the computer simulation results, some analytic formulas are derived to solve the extension of driving rods of the 3-RPRU parallel machine tool in a reverse solving process. From the simulation and analytic results, it is proven that the computer simulation machine tool approach is equivalent to the analytic approach to machine 3D free surfaces. The computer simulation machine tool approach is straightforward without compiling computer programs, and is also advantageous from the viewpoint of accuracy and repeatability.