Computer-aided geometric machining of a 3D free surface using a 3-UPU spatial parallel machine tool

Research paper by Lu Yi

Indexed on: 08 Dec '04Published on: 08 Dec '04Published in: The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology


A novel computer-aided geometric approach for machining a 3D free surface by adopting a 3-UPU spatial parallel machine tool is proposed. Based on the geometry constraint and dimension-driving technique, first, a spatial 3-UPU parallel simulation mechanism is created. Next, a 3D free surface and a guiding plane of tool path are constituted. Finally, the 3-UPU spatial parallel simulation mechanism, the 3D free surface, and the guiding plane of tool path are combined together, and a novel spatial parallel 3-UPU simulation machine tool is created for machining a 3D free surface. In the light of two specified tool paths, the extensions of three driving limbs and the position of the moving platform are solved dynamically by adopting the dimension-driving technique. The results of computer simulation prove that the computer-aided geometric approach is not only fairly quick and straightforward in developing or designing, but is also advantageous from the viewpoint of accuracy and repeatability .