Computational simulation of multi-strut central lobed injection of hydrogen in a scramjet combustor

Research paper by Gautam Choubey, K.M. Pandey, Deepak Sharma, Ajoy Debbarma

Indexed on: 26 May '16Published on: 21 May '16Published in: Perspectives in Science


Multi-strut injection is an approach to increase the overall performance of Scramjet while reducing the risk of thermal choking in a supersonic combustor. Hence computational simulation of Scramjet combustor at Mach 2.5 through multiple central lobed struts (three struts) have been presented and discussed in the present research article. The geometry and model used here is slight modification of the DLR (German Aerospace Center) scramjet model. Present results show that the presence of three struts injector improves the performance of scramjet combustor as compared to single strut injector. The combustion efficiency is also found to be highest in case of three strut fuel injection system. In order to validate the results, the numerical data for single strut injection is compared with experimental result which is taken from the literature.

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