Composition and Properties of Oxidation Products of Heavy Oil Resid Asphaltenes

Research paper by M. R. Yakubov, S. G. Yakubova, D. N. Borisov, I. P. Kosachev, P. I. Gryaznov, G. Sh. Usmanova, D. V. Milordov, G. V. Romanov

Indexed on: 09 Jun '15Published on: 09 Jun '15Published in: Chemistry and Technology of Fuels and Oils


Asphaltenes of various heavy oil resids are oxidized by aqueous sodium percarbonate solutions at 200°C and 4 MPa pressure. The composition and properties of the obtained products are analyzed. Water-soluble oxidation products in the asphaltene oxidation products comprise 47.4-49.4%. Products of oxidative condensation of asphaltenes enriched with hydroxyl, ether, and carboxyl groups dominate in the composition of water-insoluble oxidation products. The water-soluble oxidation products represent carboxylic acid concentrate. The characteristics of the structural-group composition of the obtained oxidation products are disclosed. The possibility of practical utilization of asphaltene oxidation products as adhesion additives to road asphalt and for removal of phenol from water is demonstrated.