Composite Toffoli gate with two-round error detection

Research paper by Cody Jones

Indexed on: 27 Mar '13Published on: 27 Mar '13Published in: Quantum Physics


We introduce a fault-tolerant construction to implement a composite quantum operation of four overlapping Toffoli gates. The same construction can produce two independent Toffoli gates. This result lowers resource overheads in designs for quantum computers by more than an order of magnitude. The procedure uses Clifford operations and 64 copies of the non-Clifford gate $T = \exp[i \pi (I - \sigma^z) /8]$. Quantum codes detect errors in the circuit. When the dominant source of error is $T$-gate failure with probability $p$, then the composite Toffoli circuit has postselected failure rate of $3072p^4$ to lowest order.