Complex rhodium(III) salts with isonicotinic acid: Synthesis and study

Research paper by D. B. Vasil’chenko, A. B. Venediktov, E. Yu. Filatov, I. A. Baidina, P. E. Plyusnin, S. V. Korenev

Indexed on: 16 Jan '11Published on: 16 Jan '11Published in: Russian Journal of Coordination Chemistry


A method for the synthesis of complex rhodium(III) salts of the trans-dichlorotetramine series with isonicotinic acid (iso-NicH) was developed. Three new compounds were isolated: [Rh(iso-NicH)3(iso-Nic)Cl2] (I), [Rh(iso-NicH)4Cl2]Cl · 4H2O (II), and Na3[Rh(iso-Nic)4Cl2] · 9H2O (III). The compounds synthesized were characterized by elemental analysis, X-ray phase analysis, and IR spectroscopy. The crystal structures of salts II and III were determined by X-ray diffraction analysis. The thermal properties of all compounds were studied by the DTA method. The intermediate and final thermolysis products were isolated and characterized.