Complex compounds of phosphorous esters Communication 3. Complex compounds with mercury salts

Research paper by A. E. Arbuzov, V. M. Zoroastrova

Indexed on: 01 Sep '52Published on: 01 Sep '52Published in: Russian Chemical Bulletin


It has been found that mercuric halides react with full esters of phosphorous acid with formation of complex compounds. The following compounds have been isolated in the crystalline form: [HgBr2 · P(OCH3)3]2; [HgCl2 · P(OC2H5)3]2. [HgBr2 · P(OC2H5)3]2; [HgCl2 · P(OC3H7-i)3]2. [HgBr2 · P(OC3H7-i)3]2; [HgI2 · P(OC3H7-i)3]2.Molecular weight determinations by cryoscopy in benzene on the compounds formed showed that their molecules are dimeric.The complex compounds obtained, complexes of mercuric halides with trialkyl phosphites [(RO)3P · HgX2]2, are analogs of the corresponding phosphine complexes [R3P · HgX2]2, and they belong to the bridged type.