Complete rupture of the urethra in combination with anterior pelvic fracture and symphyseal rupture after spontaneous vaginal delivery

Research paper by T. Klotz, P. Derakhshani, R. Vorreuther, U. Engelmann

Indexed on: 01 Jan '98Published on: 01 Jan '98Published in: Der Urologe. Ausg. A


We report on a complete longitudinal rupture of the urethra in combination with a rupture of the pubic symphysis and pelvic fracture during spontaneous vaginal delivery. Only after stabilisation of the pelvic fracture by external skeletal fixation adaptation of the urethra was possible. Three weeks later after removing of the transurethral catheter a mild stress incontinence could be observed. In the follow up one year later the patient was completely continent. The cosmetic result was satisfactory. There was no cystocele. An unclear haematuria after delivery needs a meticulous urological examination. Early repair of urethral disruption minimize the risk of severe incontinence. Coordinated care between the trauma surgeon and urologist is required for successful treatment of this rare combined injury after birth.