Comparison ratings of pureed versus molded fruits: preliminary results.

Research paper by L L Ballou Stahlman, J J Mertz Garcia, M M Hakel, E E Chambers IV

Indexed on: 14 Dec '99Published on: 14 Dec '99Published in: Dysphagia


Food molds change the appearance of pureed items to resemble typically prepared food. The present study examined the perceptions of 12 adults with normal swallowing and two adults with impaired swallowing for typical pureed versus molded pureed fruits (peach and pear). Results are presented for ratings of overall liking, taste, texture, appearance, and ease of chewing and swallowing. The present findings indicated that the pureed food molds did not positively influence attribute ratings. For both groups of adults, the typical method of pureed food presentation was rated higher or very similar to the molded pureed fruit. Results are discussed in terms of scaling methods, criteria applied for ratings, and implication of altering the viscosity of pureed foods.