Comparison of the surfaces and interfaces formed for sputter and electroless deposited gold contacts on CdZnTe

Research paper by Steven J.Bellabc1, Mark A.Bakerb, Diana D.Duarteab, AndreasSchneidera, PaulSellera, Paul J.Sellinb, Matthew C.Vealea, Matthew D.Wilsona

Indexed on: 31 Oct '17Published on: 01 Jan '18Published in: Applied Surface Science


•Electroless deposition of gold onto CdZnTe creates a wide tellurium oxide interface region with a thin layer of CdCl2.•Gold/gold telluride particulates exist within the electroless interface region.•Sputter deposition of gold onto CdZnTe creates a sharp interface between the gold layer and bulk CdZnTe.•Sputter deposition of gold onto CdZnTe creates no evidence of oxidation beyond that of the CdZnTe native oxide.•The IV response of mechanically polished CdZnTe with electroless contacts is symmetric, and with sputtered contacts is asymmetric.

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