Comparison of internet addiction, pattern and psychopathology between medical and dental students.

Research paper by Sachin Ratan SR Gedam, Imran Ali IA Shivji, Arvind A Goyal, Lipsy L Modi, Santanu S Ghosh

Indexed on: 16 Aug '16Published on: 16 Aug '16Published in: Asian Journal of Psychiatry


There has been an enormous use of internet among health professionals in the last decade. It has made significant changes in the health care system. Besides its several benefits, the excessive undisciplined use has led to the emergence of concept of internet addiction.The objectives of our study were to estimate prevalence of internet addiction among medical and dental students; to determine association of internet use pattern and psychopathology between medical and dental internet addicted (IA) students.A cross-sectional study was conducted among 597 students from medical and dental colleges. They completed semi-structured data, internet addiction test and mental health inventory questionnaires as per instructions provided. Students were divided into medical internet addicts and dental internet addicts for comparison.The prevalence of severe internet addiction was more among dental students (2.3%) than that among medical students (1.2%). There was significant difference between the students of medical and dental faculties, who fall under the category of addiction on the basis of-gender, computer ownership and purpose of internet use (P<0.05). The psychiatric symptoms such as depression and emotional ties also had statistically significant difference (P<0.05).Significant differences were seen in some of the parameters of internet use pattern and psychopathology among the two groups of internet addict from health professionals. So, further studies need to be conducted among different groups of internet addicts to evaluate different parameters. Specific measures should be taken to prevent internet addiction and its complications.