Comparison of centre of gravity and centre of pressure patterns in the golf swing.

Imported: 16 Oct '16 | Published: 16 Oct '16

Aimée C AC Smith, Jonathan R JR Roberts, Pui Wah PW Kong, Stephanie E SE Forrester

European journal of sport science

Abstract: Analysing the centre of pressure (COP) and centre of gravity (COG) could reveal stabilising strategies used by golfers throughout the golf swing. This study identified and compared golfers' COP and COG patterns throughout the golf swing in medial-lateral (ML) and anterior-posterior (AP) directions using principal component analysis (PCA) and examined their relationship to clubhead velocity. Three-dimensional marker trajectories were collected using Vicon motion analysis and force plate data from two Kistler force plates for 22 low-handicap golfers during drives. Golfers' COG and COP were expressed as a percentage distance between their feet. PCA was performed on COG and COP in ML and AP directions. Relationships between principal component (PC) scores were examined using Pearson correlation and regression analysis used to examine the... Read More

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