Comparison between two processes for the enzymatic synthesis of tri-docosahexaenoylglycerol in a solvent-free medium

Research paper by P. Borg, M. Girardin, B. Rovel, D. Barth

Indexed on: 01 May '00Published on: 01 May '00Published in: Biotechnology Letters


The enzymatic synthesis of homogeneous tri-docosahexaenoylglycerol from glycerol and ethyl docosahexaenoate in a solvent-free medium was achieved using Novozym SP 435 (immobilized lipase from Candida antarctica). Two processes were tested: a constant stirred tank reactor with N2 bubbling through and a constant stirred tank reactor under vacuum. The first experimental apparatus was clearly found to be better than the other, giving 100% (w/w) conversion after 10 h.