Comparison Between Buddy Taping With a Short-Arm Splint and Operative Treatment for Phalangeal Neck Fractures in Children.

Research paper by Kun Bo KB Park, Kwang Jin KJ Lee, Yoon Hae YH Kwak

Indexed on: 09 May '15Published on: 09 May '15Published in: Journal of pediatric orthopedics


Phalangeal neck fractures in children are difficult to treat conservatively because of the difficulty in maintaining reduction, obtaining satisfactory follow-up x-rays, and the limited remodeling potential. The purpose of this study was to present the results after using buddy taping with a short-arm splint for phalangeal neck fracture in children and to compare with operative treatment.Thirty-seven patients below 12 years old who had phalangeal neck fractures were included. Nineteen patients were underwent conservative treatment and 18 patients were underwent operative fixation with Kirschner wires. Clinical outcome and radiographs between groups were compared.There were no significant differences between conservative group and operative group in the sagittal angulation, coronal angulation, and translation at immediately after reduction, at the 6-week, and final follow-up examination.Buddy taping with a short-arm splint for treating phalangeal neck fractures had acceptable outcomes compared to that with surgical correction.