Comparative study of adsorption and heats of adsorption on planar and particulate polymer surfaces

Research paper by L. Filippov

Indexed on: 01 Sep '94Published on: 01 Sep '94Published in: Colloid and polymer science


The adsorption and heats of adsorption of Lewis acidic-basicprobes on planar and particulate surfaces of polyimide/siloxane, 6F photoimagable fluorinated polyimide and 6F polyimide have been studied by flow microcalorimetric, ellipsometric, and contact angle techniques. The heats of adsotption obtained by these techniques are in good agreement. It is noted that the ellipsometric method based on an analysis of adsorption kinetics has advantages over the contact angle technique and may be used for the study of the interface on planar polymer surfaces. The acidic-basic properties of polymers were approximately estimated by using the DragoE andC constants.