Comparative research on air conditioner with gas-injected rotary compressor through injection port on blade

Research paper by Baolong Wang, Xingru Liu, Wenxing Shi

Indexed on: 29 May '16Published on: 26 May '16Published in: Applied Thermal Engineering


Economizer technology has become a critical method to improve the performance of air conditioners with rotary compressors in low ambient temperatures. A novel vapor injection structure on the blade of the rotary compressor has been proposed in previous research to overcome the back-flow of the traditional cylinder injection structure. Based on a verified numerical model, the performance of an air conditioner adopting different economized rotary compressors has been investigated. The results indicate that: compared to the air conditioner with single-cylinder rotary compressor using traditional cylinder injection structure, the air conditioner with blade injected rotary compressor can reach enhancement of the heating capacity and COP by 12.9%∼15.7% and 1.5%∼4.1% in low ambient temperatures, respectively; and the air conditioner with blade injected rotary compressor has a competitive performance contrast to the air conditioner with twin-cylinder rotary compressor.

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