Combining living anionic polymerization with branching reactions in an iterative fashion to design branched polymers.

Research paper by Tomoya T Higashihara, Kenji K Sugiyama, Hee-Soo HS Yoo, Mayumi M Hayashi, Akira A Hirao

Indexed on: 19 May '11Published on: 19 May '11Published in: Macromolecular Rapid Communications


This paper reviews the precise synthesis of many-armed and multi-compositional star-branched polymers, exact graft (co)polymers, and structurally well-defined dendrimer-like star-branched polymers, which are synthetically difficult, by a commonly-featured iterative methodology combining living anionic polymerization with branched reactions to design branched polymers. The methodology basically involves only two synthetic steps; (a) preparation of a polymeric building block corresponding to each branched polymer and (b) connection of the resulting building unit to another unit. The synthetic steps were repeated in a stepwise fashion several times to successively synthesize a series of well-defined target branched polymers.