Combining cytomorphology and serology for the diagnosis of cat scratch disease.

Research paper by Dima D Youssef, Wael E WE Shams, Adel A El Abbassi, Jonathan P JP Moorman, Mousa A MA Al-Abbadi

Indexed on: 15 Feb '11Published on: 15 Feb '11Published in: Diagnostic Cytopathology


Cat scratch disease (CSD) is a self limited zoonotic disease that presents most commonly as a regional lymphadenopathy. We are reporting a case of a 25-year-old male patient who presented with fever and large right inguinal lymphadenopathy. The diagnosis of cat scratch disease was confirmed based on the characteristic cytopathological features on aspirate smears from the lymph node and the serological titers for Bartonella henselae. This case report emphasizes the importance of combining Bartonella serology, and cytopathology in the diagnostic work-up of febrile lymphadenopathy and suspected CSD since the culture of this organism is arduous.